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Trinity-Noble has developed and patented effective technology that can save lives immediately! The company’s proprietary technology is called Celltinel and it is inherent in the company’s primary product, Guardian Angel. It is a solution with a voluntary compliance approach that can be installed by the owner of a vehicle to ensure that all its drivers will be subject to its protective operation. The Guardian Angel device is installed in a motor vehicle under the dashboard, under the driver’s seat or in the headliner above the driver. It is highly directionalized, aimed at the driver’s space and affecting an area limited to the driver’s immediate vicinity. The narrow beamwidth and low signal level ensure that drivers in nearby cars will be unaffected by its operation. It only operates while the vehicle is in motion (and beneath the specified speed). It can be set to be disabled when it senses Bluetooth connectivity. It does not emit in bands assigned to commercial radio, police and safety communications used by first responders, or Citizens Band communications upon which truckers and taxis routinely depend for their own safety and for the coordination and efficiency of their businesses. Nor does it affect public communication, such as cell phone use outside moving vehicles in which it is installed, nor other electrical components or devices within the vehicle that comprise its safety, GPS and entertainment systems.

Among its collateral benefits are freeing police from enforcement of current cell phone bans for more important duties, enabling employers to reduce legal liability for their agents’ accidents, and potential reductions in insurance premiums. The greatest boon, though, will be in reducing the terrible waste of life, health and property caused by preventable accidents due to drivers’ cell phone distraction. When a vehicle in which Guardian Angel is installed is operated under conditions where the state completely bans cell phone use, it will have no impact, since the calls it blocks are not permitted anyway. Similarly it will have no impact in other states permitting cell phone use, since its installation is a voluntary decision of the vehicle owner. Otherwise, the device is consistent with specific state laws, in that it can be programmed to operate consistently with the state requirements, such as where only hands-free use is permitted.

The Guardian Angel also enables the owner of a vehicle who desires a higher degree of self regulation to determine the permissible uses of cell phone mobile devices in the vehicles for which that owner has responsibility and liability exposure. An example may be where a commercial fleet owner has knowledge that drivers use cell phones frequently during the day and thereby increase the probability distraction and an accident. The owner might face the choice of firing the driver, or preventing all but safe use of the cell phone by installing a Guardian Angel . Empowering vehicle owners with the discretion to install a Guardian Angel is fully consistent with general principles of tort law, which imposes liability upon one who permits a third party to engage in a known dangerous activity or where youth, inexperience of other factors create an unreasonable risk of harm to oneself or others.


  1. Guardian Angel
  2. SkyBloc
  3. Autolog with Celltection
1. The FCC has informed Trinity-Noble that for the general public the technology used in the SkyBloc is currently prohibited by federal statute. Consequently, the SkyBloc device is not available for purchase or use by the general public in the USA. Currently SkyBloc can only be legally sold for use by the Government of the United States or any agency thereof pursuant to 47 U.S.C. 302 ( c ) as well as internationally wherever intentional radiators are not restricted.
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