The Solution to a Growing Problem

SkyBloc, with patented Celltinel technology, is a device that transmits a frequency that inhibits the use of cellular handheld devices within a focused immediate area: The Driver’s Seat.

  • It has multiple sensors detecting specific criteria for preventing cell phone use for the driver (including texting, and surfing the Internet). This criteria includes preventing driver cell phone use if the vehicle is traveling above a certain speed or if Bluetooth-enabled hands free devices are not detected.
  • Manufactured or retrofitted into existing vehicle power system. Energizing vehicle system provides prime power to the device, which means that it is not always on.
  • Manufactured with multiple sensors controlling the specific criteria for blocking reception. Sensor(s) will, under predetermined conditions, cause the device to operate, i.e. Only When in Motion
  • Guardian Angel Will Only Transmit When...

    guardian device BlueTooth hands free IS NOT enabled And vehicle motion is above 10 MPH And cellular communication (Texting or Voice) has been attempted while in motion above 10 MPH.

    1. The FCC has informed Trinity-Noble that for the general public the technology used in the SkyBloc is currently prohibited by federal statute. Consequently, the SkyBloc device is not available for purchase or use by the general public in the USA. Currently SkyBloc can only be legally sold for use by the Government of the United States or any agency thereof pursuant to 47 U.S.C. 302 ( c ) as well as internationally wherever intentional radiators are not restricted.


    1. Guardian Angel
    2. Autolog with Celltection
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