Guardian Angel

Cell Phone-based Disabler Application

No one will disagree that using a cell phone while operating a vehicle is dangerous not to mention foolish. Study after study detail the risks associated with texting, talking, surfing the Internet, or reading and answering e-mails while driving. This is why Trinity-Noble has developed a mobile phone application named Guardian Angel. Designed to prevent cell phone use by fleet and inexperienced drivers, Guardian Angel is phone-based software that locks the keys of a cell phone while a vehicle is traveling above certain speeds. With the exception of “whitelisted” phone numbers (911, the Office, Home, etc.) the driver cannot engage in texting or talking as long as he/she is driving.

While similar software solutions exist, Guardian Angel is the ONLY mobile phone application that can tell the difference between the cell phone of a driver and the cell phone of a passenger*, and prevents the driver from overriding the application, ensuring safe driving practices, something other products cannot do. Guardian Angel can be utilized as a standalone application on a cell phone with an internal GPS or, alternatively, "married", via Bluetooth, to a vehicle through an external GPS receiver.

In addition to preventing distracted driving, Guardian Angel offers the fleet owner as well as the parent the ability to set Geo Fences, vehicle tracking, controlled messaging and various custom alert capabilities. Guardian Angel is an elegant, easy-to-install software solution that can save your child’s life as well as protect your staff and your assets at a surprisingly low cost.

Guardian Angel Fleet Scenario

Without Guardian Angel
guardian device A pharmaceutical company issues a company-issued cell phone and vehicle to sales representative, Sharon Hakes. Sharon engages in dangerous cell phone use behind the wheel while on company time. She is in an accident and the pharmaceutical company is found liable for the careless actions of Ms. Hakes. The company faces hefty legal payouts to the individual Ms. Hakes injured in the accident.

With Guardian Angel
A pharmaceutical company issues a company-issued cell phone and vehicle to sales representative, John Fisher. The phone has Guardian Angel installed and the company vehicle has an external GPS device which is paired to Mr. Fisher’s company-issued cell phone. Mr. Fisher, while on the road, tries to engage in dangerous cell phone use while on company time. He calls his friend about that night’s dinner. Once Mr. Fisher hits 10 MPH, his keys are locked, and his conversation is abruptly ended by Guardian Angel. Mr. Fisher’s management receives an e-mail alert that he is making an unauthorized call while traveling above 10 MPH. The manager then pulls up Guardian Angel’s proprietary tracking dashboard and sees that not only is Mr. Fisher engaging in dangerous cell phone use—which is against company policy—but is also outside of his sales territory. Upon returning to the office Mr. Fisher is called in to his manager’s office to explain his actions that day.

Guardian Angel Inexperienced Driver Scenario

Without Guardian Angel
16-year-old Jerry Taylor is given a cell phone for his birthday. The phone is his main conduit to his social life. One Friday night he borrows his mother’s car to meet up with friends at the local movie theater. On his way there he receives a text message from Jessica, a girl he’s had a crush on for some time. The text message is Jessica asking if he can drive her home from the movie theater. Not wanting to miss his opportunity to drive her home he begins to reply via text, all while driving at 65 MPH. Before he can finish his response he has drifted into the opposing lane and is killed instantly by a tractor trailer. Jessica never receives his response and Jerry’s life is over before it even really began.

With Guardian Angel
guardian device 16 year-old Jessica Allen is given a cell phone with Guardian Angel for her birthday. The phone is her main conduit to her social life. One Friday night she borrows her father’s car to meet up with friends at the mall. On her way there she hears the phone chime, indicating that someone has texted her. She attempts to read it but her phone is locked by Guardian Angel. Knowing that she cannot read the text as long as she is traveling above the 5 MPH speed limit her father has set Guardian Angel to lock at, she decides to wait until she is safely parked at the mall to read the text message.

*When used with Guardian Angel's external GPS receiver.

Guardian Angel is available for Blackberry and Android platforms now.
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