Key Benefits

  1. Eliminates Death and Injury of Human Life Caused by Cell Phone Distraction While Driving.
  2. Enforces Current and Future Cell Phone Laws 100%.

Ethical Benefits

  1. Technology exists today that can save lives immediately.
  2. Manufacturing and specifications effectively eliminate any nominal objections that would offset tremendous benefits.
  3. Allows individuals, companies and municipalities the choice to employ a safety device that saves lives for their own use, that has no negative impact to the public.

Safety and Enforcement Benefits

  1. Studies prove existing laws ineffective beyond first year and difficult to enforce — only 1-2% ticketed — considered “unenforceable” by drivers. Studies prove current enforcement is not successful.
  2. Ensures 100% compliance of existing cell phone distracted driving laws.
  3. Effective for use in: School buses, Fleet Vehicles, Private Vehicles, Taxis, Buses, etc.
  4. Dramatically reduces the number of cell phone related accidents.
  5. Device is extremely durable and requires no input from operator once installed.
  6. Directional antenna allows for calls to be made by persons other than driver (adjustable).
  7. Allows normal cell phone communication once vehicle is safely stopped or in an accident.
  8. Eliminates driver distraction from texting, cell calls, and SURFING THE INTERNET.

Economic Benefits

  1. Significant reduction in insurance related costs for individual and corporate/municipal policies.
  2. Savings in insurance premiums translate to increased disposable income for economy.
  3. Dramatic reduction in lost labor hours due to commuting accidents.
  4. Huge savings from elimination of enforcement by local & state police departments. Allows for diversion of officers to more critical community issues.


  1. Guardian Angel
  2. SkyBloc
  3. Autolog with Celltection
1. The FCC has informed Trinity-Noble that for the general public the technology used in the SkyBloc is currently prohibited by federal statute. Consequently, the SkyBloc device is not available for purchase or use by the general public in the USA. Currently SkyBloc can only be legally sold for use by the Government of the United States or any agency thereof pursuant to 47 U.S.C. 302 ( c ) as well as internationally wherever intentional radiators are not restricted.
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