Peace of Mind for Parents

Statistics and studies show people who text while they drive are as dangerous as drunk drivers if not more.

Teen Texting & Driving has become a national epidemic

Young novice drivers should focus
on the road and not social activities
that involve their cell phone.

Trinity-Noble has developed and
patented effective technology
that can save lives immediately!

Trinity-Noble has developed effective solutions
which will help reduce the danger of using a
cellular device when operating a vehicle.

Guardian Angel

While similar software solutions exist, Guardian Angel is the ONLY mobile phone application that can tell the difference between the cell phone of a driver and the cell phone of a passenger*, and prevents the driver from overriding the application, ensuring safe driving practices, something other products cannot do. Guardian Angel is available for Blackberry and Android platforms now. Contact our sales department toll-free at 888-408-3322.
*When used with Guardian Angel's external GPS receiver.

Guardian Angel has been evaluated by the Unites States National Safety Council and assessed as the most effective and accurate app-based solution to distracted driving.

Autolog with Celltection

Autolog is a cell phone detector that is integrated into a vehicle’s electronics, out of reach of the driver. It detects and “records” all cell phone activity within a specified area, obtains detailed information, such as frequency, range, and action including both text and voice. Autolog is is designed to increase vehicle safety by promoting safe usage of a vehicle thru an incentive by Insurance Companies.


SkyBloc, with patented Celltinel technology, is a device that transmits a frequency that inhibits the use of cellular handheld devices within a focused immediate area: The Driver’s Seat. It is highly directionalized, aimed at the driver’s space affecting an area limited only to their immediate vicinity. Enabling owners of vehicles who desire a higher degree of self regulation.
1. The FCC has informed Trinity-Noble that for the general public the technology used in the SkyBloc is currently prohibited by federal statute. Consequently, the SkyBloc device is not available for purchase or use by the general public in the USA. Currently SkyBloc can only be legally sold for use by the Government of the United States or any agency thereof pursuant to 47 U.S.C. 302 ( c ) as well as internationally wherever intentional radiators are not restricted.
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